EP Radiator Guard - Triumph Tiger 900 (2020+)
EP Radiator Guard - Triumph Tiger 900 (2020+)
EP Radiator Guard - Triumph Tiger 900 (2020+)

EP Radiator Guard - Triumph Tiger 900 (2020+)

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Features of EP Radiator Guard for Triumph Tiger 900
  • All aluminium construction designed and fabricated for a precise and easy installation
  • EP Radiator Guard weighs 210 g to give a high strength to weight ratio
  • Hexagonal matrix hole-pattern ensures strong defence from road debris damage
  • Engineered to deliver maximum airflow for all-important radiator cooling
  • Each EP Radiator Guard is formed to follow exactly the lines of the Tiger 900 radiator units
  • Durable black powder coated finish on main components
  • Quality fasteners and fixtures included
  • Fitting instructions available to download

What protection does an EP motorcycle radiator guard give?

An EP Radiator Guard protect the Triumph Tiger radiator system from damage caused by road and off-road debris, while allowing cooling air to pass through - and look good at the same time. A radiator's delicate cooling fins easily bend, and misaligned fins can cause overheating. The radiator's internal cooling galleries can also be holed by stones, which are usually picked up and flung directly into the radiator from the motorcycle's front tyre or passing traffic. Leaking coolant will make the Tiger 900 inoperable because of overheating, which can result in engine damage.

Registered Community Design No.

EU Reg. Design: 008262380-00019
UK Reg. Design: 9008262380-00019