EP Radiator Guard for Aprilia RS4 50 on white background
Aprilia RS4 50 with EP Radiator Guard installed

EP Radiator Guard - Aprilia RS4 50 (2011+)

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Features of EP Radiator Guard for Aprilia RS4 50

  • Precision-made all-aluminium component designed for easy and exact fit
  • Hexagonal matrix hole-pattern is a defence against stones and allows maximum airflow
  • The EP guard is formed to follow exactly the lines of the radiator
  • The guard uses existing mounting points with no additional modifications required
  • Durable black powder coated finish
  • Anti-vibration material where required is included
  • Fitting instructions available to download

Does a 50cc motorcycle require a radiator guard?

EP radiator guards are designed to protect the motorcycle radiator from road debris damage while allowing essential cooling air to pass through. Regardless of engine capacity and overall performance, without a quality radiator guard in place the radiator, especially the cooling fins, can get trashed by road debris. There is also a high risk of a stone chipping, flung from the front tyre or passing traffic, holing the radiator cores. As a fragile and intricate component the radiator is very difficult to repair (in most cases beyond economical repair) and expensive to replace - considerably more than the cost of an EP radiator guard.